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Giant Killing 6

May 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Boring ep was mainly boring, Manager dude is just kinda walking around and he has this press conference, and all these people are like WOAH WUT UP WITH THAT GUY, and the then sits in the park with this old dude and talks about soccer. There’s a lot of engrish and random languages for no apparent reason, French and German I think, so you get to hear funny Japanese accents. It’s a middle ep, so having a few of these be slow or boring is fine IMO, as long as it’s not like 3/4 eps long. Next ep looks promising anyway, there’s another match, so there’s no need to worry about that. There’s supposed to be some crafty old guy in it, so I’m looking forward to some good reaction faces.

The ep did have the most fucking EPIC handshake ever, so there are a few redeeming points, even though you can prolly skip this one and not miss much, if anything at all.


I wish someone would shake my hand like that

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Giant Killing 4-5

May 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Meet the new team – QUALITY STYLE.

So the match continues on into more awesome-ness, and I am totally gay for Gino now. I WOULD BEAR HIS CHILDREN – NO LIE.


You’re so awesome ♥

Course then Tsubaki fucks shit up, and the other team scores. ;__; Murakoshi, our ANGST bitch, then goes fucking APE SHIT, and runs the fuck out of the ball for EPIC WIN (The match ends in a tie, but I don’t fucking care). I have more respect for you now ANGST bitch, I really do. Manager/Coach dude gives him with Captaincy back, but I liked Gino way better. He’s all smart and cool and shit. So w/e.



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Giant Killing 3

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

So the training ep begins.

I would like to begin by pointing out that I used the subgroup Anbu-Umai of screencaps, and when I was skipping through, I saw this yellow fucking bullshit on the OP, so now I have to make a comment on it – IT’S FUCKING AIDS. It’s this golden yellow shit fucking HARDCODED onto the video, so you can’t even get rid of it even if you wanted to. It’s goddamn EYE CANCER is wut it is. Fucking yellow clusterfuck of shit and AIDS. I wish I could fucking unsee this shit.


Do you need some more EYE CANCER with your anime? Here you go~

Anyho, this episode is mostly about Kuroda being pissed off the entire fucking time, Tsubaki being a pussy, and the introduction to the new captain, Gino the okama Prince. And he is quite homosexual, I have to say. I didn’t really expect TEH GHEY to be in this anime, but I guess one character being homo spices it up. Whatever, they put shounen-ai in everything now anyway.


You are fabulous~

After showing a bit of Mr.Prince showing off his EPIC SKILLZ, they begin setting up for a pre-lim. match, so I guess that means the next episode is going to be the match itself, and I am beyond fucking happy because I don’t have to see anymore TRAINING. Well, until the episode after that, you never know when it’ll show up in a sports anime.

random CG

Such un-obvious CG

The episode also featured more of that shitty CG shit they put into anime these days, and I have to say I really fucking hate it. I really do. Nothing pisses me off more than being able to tell that’s its there. Isn’t the whole point of CG to make it groove with the medium it’s in, and not be able to tell it’s there? And yet, anime CG is so fucking different from the rest of the animation you can immediately tell it doesn’t belong, as if they are proud of it or something. I HATE THAT SHIT. It’s annoying, and it looks bad.


Not in America you aren’t.

Okay, there’s nothing really WRONG with this translation, but I would just like to point out that when I hear the Japanese saying SOKKA-SENSHI and seeing FOOTBALL PLAYERS on the bottom, especially when the Japanese are using the Engrish term for soccer, it’s a bit jarring. PICK A WORD, PLS MY SON.

Giant Killing 1-2

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

He could actually stab someone with this…

Okay, so last night I decided to watch GIANT KILLING, thinking this anime would be about football. BUT LO AND BEHOLD, they have tricked me. It’s not about fucking football at all.

It’s about goddamn soccer, but they refer to it as football because the motherfucker in the anime was a coach in some town in England, even thought he’s a Japanese guy FOR REALZ, and they don’t use the inappropriate American terms for shit, so the first couple of seconds were a bit confusing.

Fuck that shit.

Course, it ended up not mattering because it’s a sport anime, and no matter the sport, the plot would have been the fucking same. Basically some faggot left his old team, and then came back as a coach and now everyone fucking hates him, but he’s like uber awesome so it doesn’t matter.

It’s overall enjoyable, but I just can’t get a handle on the strange way they have decided to make the noses. It looks like it can pierce my fucking face with it’s power. Fuck you Studio Deen, fuck you.

I also would like to note that this Mura dude is a fucking faggot douche. By the second episode he is removed as captain, and now he’s just a normal angry faggot who hates the shit out of Tatsumi, but I still don’t like him. I hope he becomes a minor character soon because this whole I HAVE ANGST thing is goddamn annoying.

On a side note, Tsubaki seems like he’s going to be the typical I AM SO WEAK WUT DO I DO character that suddenly awakens as like uber awesome or sum shit. I can fucking smell this bullshit a mile away.

Episode 2 ends with a prelude to LOL TRAINING ARC for episode 3, something which I fucking hate with a passion, but if it manages to last only 2 or 3 episodes I won’t mind too much. It better not be the whole fucking anime, or I just might have to consider dropping.

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