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Kaichou wa Maid-sama 5

May 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Gotta love creepy staring~

MAID-SAMA OF FORESHADOWING, DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH FORESHADOWING?! Okay, this episode managed to piss me off something fierce. I have never seen such awful overuse of foreshadowing in my life. The entire episode foreshadowed a small event in the end that DIDN’T EVEN TURN OUT TO BE ALL THAT BAD. So the entire time it’s like, OMG STALKERS ARE COMING, and after the 3rd or 4th time, I’m like can we bring out those fucking stalkers now please, PLEASE, for my SANITY if NOTHING ELSE?

Why couldn't you show up earlier and save me 15 minutes of FORESHADOWING?

The scene itself was a bit anti-climatic, she kicks their ass p quick and Usui breaks a fucking window, so I am left wondering what the fuck was all that FORESHADOWING necessary for? Nothing. Fucking nothing. I hate bullshit like this, I really do.

Sure you didn't.

Well, at the very least, Usui learned that Tsundere-chan isn’t a weak little girl that needs constant supervision and caring for, so I guess the only good thing about the ep is that it shows the awesome power of teh womenz. Fuck yer.

I don't think she likes that.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama 4

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Overall, this was mainly a boring ep till near then end, where we get some delicious trap action. I swear to god the entire first half was about jizzing/circle jerking over this character blond character named Aoi. She/He/It is supposed to be all MOE MOE KYUN, but I think that the hair style with the uber curls that look like fucking DRILL HAIR is hideous. We get some EPIC COOKING ACTION with Usui about in the middle first half, so I guess I can forgive them, but honestly, the whole Aoi is really a guy thing wasn’t that big of a surprise.

Now featuring MORE TRAPS

The moment I saw the scene where she/he/it was all blushing from seeing tsundere-chan changing, I kinda got the idea that, YEAH THIS IS A TRAP. Of course, because tsundere-chan is so awesome, the trap is going to fall in love with her too. I can feel it IN MY FUCKING BONES. I guess it’s better than the second one, but I dunno. Traps do make anime more awesome, I guess, so I hope they use it well, and don’t fuck it up.

Also inb4 this becomes a reverse harem anime.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama 3

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m not sure where to begin. This episode is about Misa-chan learning to be…more…moe? No actually it’s about Usui figuring out what color suits Misa-chan the best. Can’t say I’ve seen something like it before, so it won’t be the BUCKET OF FAIL episode 2 was, but at the same time, THAT IS SO FUCKING LAME.

Is this the face? The face that insults me?

At first our Tsundere-chan has to figure out how to be more cute so that she can act as an imouto. Of course, being an angry bitch from the depth of hell itself doesn’t help her much, so at first she fails miserably. But she manages to pull out some AMAZING TSUNDERE POWERS from her ass, and SAVES THE DAY for GREAT JUSTICE.

Oh ho? Is this a new archetype? Oh wait, I read some manga, it isn't.

The rest of the episode is about Usui watching over her like some sort of PRINCE FROM PRINCELAND, and all her friends slowly becoming yuri for her. I actually would prefer it they did, because this may cause some DORAMA a bit deeper than OMG I’M EMBARRASSED down the road. Please Gods of Yuri, this show could actually use a bit of ANGST and DARKNESS.

Did you order some YURI FANSERVICE? Here you go~

Usui then figures out that the best color for her is WHITE because she is such an INNOCENT TSUNDERE, and then the ep ends. I had a little bit more fun watching this episode than 2, but that doesn’t make it good. Chances are after this point I’ll see it through, but god help me. I guess it’s just the otaku in me that won’t let me stop. MOE MOE KYUN~

I... share your pain ;_;

Episode 3: Link


Kaichou wa Maid-sama 2

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Okay so I realize that in order to watch this anime I have to do one simple thing. Skip the OP. This whole “DOUKA PLEASE KEEP MY SECRET” thing makes me want to throw up.

And guess what?  It’s a school cultural festival ep. JUST WHAT I DIDN’T WANT. I swear to god this shit can’t get any more generic. I don’t know if I really enjoyed this one since its a more of a MISA-CHAN MUST LEARN TO HAVE FUN ep, but there were a few parts that gave me a chuckle, so I guess its not an ENTIRE BUCKET OF FAIL.

One of the first fucking lines in the show. Someone must hate me.

Mika-chan’s hatred for men seems to stand out a bit more in this ep, as we going to explore the fact she needs to loosen the fuck up, and stop hating men so much (GO FIGURE). What a complex to have. Personally I think it’s just penis envy, but I’m sure the plot will unfold some sort of TRAGIC PAST, so god knows what her problem is.

At first she’s just scaring the shit out of the class Usui is in, as they are the only class without an acceptable idea for the festival, and the class asks Usui for help, but he fails due to lol /care.

To top it off, poor tsundere-chan now has a group of people from the school coming to the cafe (her “fans”). Normally she scares the fuck out of them, but when she’s at the cafe she can’t do anything, so they sit there with fucking erections the entire time because they are failures at life, and have nothing better to do. Fucking creepy stalkers.

It's okay, I approve~ :3

The class then has an idea forced into them (lol cafe), but none of the boys in the class approve for w/e reason, so they go off and hide to make EVIL PLANS OF JUSTICE, and Misa-chan proceeds to run around to different classrooms scaring the shit out of everyone due to her unending dick-ish ways.

Because of said unending dick-ish ways, the people who are supposed to help out with the cafe leave, and she has to take over, but fucks up when she randomly says “Master” so someone.

Usui doesn’t want her cat to getting out of the bag, as he finds the whole SHE’S A CAFE MAID thing as some sort of personal entertainment, so helps her out by using his devilish GOOD LOOKS so amazing they make everyone overlook what she said because their BURNING DESIRE FOR HIS PENIS is so strong they can’t think of anything else.

Because everyone in Usui’s class secretly wants him to fuck him, they come back to the cafe/class and it becomes HUGE SUCCESS.

Tsundere-chan then proceeds to thank Usui, which causes him to GRAB HER FACE, and say SEXY THINGS to her. She gets pissed, and tries TO CHOKE A BITCH, and the ep ends with sunset bullshit. Hurrah.

What a fun end.

Episode 2: Link


Kaichou wa Maid-sama 1

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I am impressed with myself for making it past the fucking OP. I really am. With such fail lyrics as “CAN YOU KEEP MY SECRET?” I normally delete such shit, drop, and don’t think twice, but the faggots in the IRC channel I waste my time with swear it’s TSUNDERE GOODNESS, so here we go.

It starts with a bitch who acts like a bitch. WOW THIS IS GREAT.  She apparently has money issues so she works at a Maid Cafe, but then OH TEH NOES she gets discovered by a fellow student. His name is Usui Takumi and he’s kinda lol wierd. I guess it’s that love at first sight thing, but once he finds out about the maid-ness he follows her around like a creepy stalker, and then sits in the cafe and stares at her. How romantic.

Of course our little tsundere-chan is a normal person, so she finds it p damn creepy herself, and seems to dislike him with a  passion. I guess she can have some good qualities, but then the minute I think she might be a normal fucking person, her tsundere-ness appears the moment he says that watching her makes him worry about her.

I have to admit that once I get over the original stalker creepiness, Usui is p awesome, so I guess I’ll forgive her for falling in love so quickly, but I hope she doesn’t sit there and be fucking tsun the entire time, or this anime will go from being fairly cute and entertaining, to fucking annoying.

Usui’s line before the second ep. just reaffirms the idea that he is not-so-secretly secretly in love with her.

Overall, the OP is total fucking shit, the beginning takes a bit to get into, but once the story starts going along fairly enjoyable. The ED makes me think that Usui is somehow an ANGST character, but considering his I-don’t-care attitude, such a thing wouldn’t be too out of the ball park.

I guess the faggots in the IRC channel don’t have total shit taste after all. Time to dl EP 2 and 3~

I hope to dear god that next ep won’t be a fucking cultural festival or sum shit.  PLEASE SPARE ME.

Episode 1: Link

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