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RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin 1-2

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Okay, I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to start this series. I heard it was about PRISON RAPE, and that one of the themes of the show was fucking RAINBOWS. I don’t mind teh ghey or anything, but there’s a point there it gets to be too much. When prison rape and rainbows are the main theme for the show, you normally just say no, and then walk away. Good thing I was in the mood for something a bit “different” at the time. I also have to note that the file size for this show is FUCKING HUGE, and I SEE NO FUCKING REASON WHY.


This image might be one of the reasons I am watching this show.

Upon opening it, I was immediately greeted with a blast of metal, and then some very bloody and violent shots. My initial fears were swept away in that instant, and I realized how fucking GAR (badass) this series is going to be. Also I do realize it will contain large amounts of DARKNESS, but as long as it’s badass DARKNESS instead of EMO DARKNESS, I will very much enjoy it.

Basically 6 criminals are sent to prison for various reasons, killing, stealing, etc, get raped by this creepy doctor dude, get the shit beaten out of them by this pissant guard, and then they meet the most MOTHERFUCKING GAR asshole IN THE UNIVERSE. They get pissed off because his GAR-ness cannot even be quantified nor described in words, so they try to beat the shit out of him. Thing is, they forgot how MOTHERFUCKING GAR he is, so he beats them all down without breaking a sweat because he just does things like that.


And this one is DOWN FOR THE COUNT.

Problem is, fucking guard dude is the most RAGE worthy character in this show, so he has to keep PISSING YOU THE FUCK OFF, so he beats GAR dude near and inch of his life, but GAR dude doesn’t even make a sound. He’s just cool like that. They guard pulls some more shit, and the group them pulls a fucking SPARTACUS on the asshole, and the creepy doctor comes and stops that asshole guard before he really fucking CHOKES A BITCH TO DEATH.


Why hello my pretties~

They then all smoke a fag, get to know each other (I smell a TRAGIC PAST a comin’), and then they stare out the window to symbolize the renewed hope they receive from GAR dudes AMAZING WAYS. Also I think they all DESIRE HIS PENIS, but so far it just seems to be a deep sense of brohood. We shall see.

So then episode 2 rears it’s angsty head, and it mostly about the lol TRAGIC PAST of two youngest characters. It also crushes my soul.

I suppose I don’t mind the whole TRAGIC PAST thing too much for a series like this, but Joe is such a fucking emo fag siscon, and it makes me a bit annoyed to have to watch him – well, at least at first. Later I’m all like ;_______;

This whole thing revolves around him escaping and the getting caught again, just to be rejected by his sister, so we can see some more DARKNESS and ANGST. Also it’s fucking sad, not gonna lie.

In the ep we get to see how Joe was raped by this creepy old fag that run the orphanage, his sister getting adopted by a pedophile, having her reject him as a brother/ She then cries over it, and talks about how much she really really did love him. Then, to top it all off, Joe gets the shit beaten out of him. I think that would crush anyone’s soul. I forgive him completely for being a sissy/siscon. I actually felt sick watching the scene that alludes to him being raped. Yuck.



Spoon has quite the compelling past as well (although his part in the ep isn’t as SOUL CRUSHING). His sister died in a bombing (it seems to allude to the atom bomb, but I’m not sure), and that’s like the whole reason he helps Joe escape. They are both siscons so they understand each others PAIN.

This episode made me sad. SO MUCH DARKNESS ;_;


This is what sadness looks like.