Arakawa Under the Bridge 5-7

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Maria is p kewl guy, ehs makes Sister's face explode, and doesn't afraid of anything.

Overall, Rec is slowly losing his sanity under this bridge. He really is. He now thinks he has to have some sort of community JERB, so that he can be a citizen in this homeless, crazy, insane community that LIVES UNDER A BRIDGE.

Him and Hoshi get into some sort of music duel. I was hoping that Hoshi would like fucking blast some hard core rock, or something MEGA-GAR, but it turned out to be average, and Rec played a bunch of classical music due to his obvious ELITISM (Do I smell a superiority complex?).


Rec then decides hes going to teach COMMON SENSE to the people around him. Good luck with that one Rec, I think you’ve already lost yours. I would also like to note that the voice actor for Rec is the same as Nozomu Itoshiki (“Zetsubou-sensei” from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), which is also a SHAFT anime, so I found him being a “teacher” very ironic and humorous VA-wise. ETA till he screams “ZETSUBOU SHITA!”

Just as planned.

I did, however, find his imagery of what Sister should look like to be very awesome. Course, just as Rec starts trying to teach people he runs into a huge problem. Stella, the GAR loli from FUCKING HELL. She’s back and ready to fuck up his shit, and manages to do so until she gets appeased with LOLCOLORING.


Also, inb4 o9k OP changes, lol SHAFT.

Sidenote: they did introduce another character, P-Ko, but she isn’t awesome like Maria, so I don’t give a shit.

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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru 3

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Luka, for an emo vampire pussy bitch, you sure are nice on the eyes~

I literally don’t know what I just watched. I don’t. I can barely explain WTF happened, but that’s the way I always enjoy my anime (♥). I do hope they focus on this part of the anime instead, because it sure beats the obvious THE WORLD GUNNA END so we are full of DARKNESS foreshadowing from before.

The artists must have some sort of circle jerking session for this emo bullshit, because it's fucking everywhere. I don't know whether to hate it, or like it.

It continues on from last ep with the whole LEARN TO CONTROL UR POWERS, and THE WORLD IS ENDING WE SO SAD bullshit, but after dealing with that, we get some more shounen-ai scenes with Luka and Yuki, and then the anime just stops making sense. They just put emo DARKNESS symbolism everywhere, and apparently TEH DEMONS ARE COMING. Rose petals, red moons, vampires, dripping blood, lots of red and black, etc. The only thing it’s missing is one of the characters crying fucking blood, so I’ll be waiting for that moment to come, because there’s no way they can pass that up. NO FUCKING WAY.


Strangely enough, this episode did have a few GAR moments with our lovely seme Luka, but there seems to be some sort of hidden sideplot dorama going on with our Soubi-copy, and I’m sure that whole thing will turn into some emo shounen-ai shitfest in due time (Please let it be so!).

The GARest moment of the show, by far.

Not sure about this whole NIGHT OF TEH DEMONS thing (some sort of plot device, I’m sure), but I don’t give a shit as long as there is some epic fightan scenes. Luka can shoot fucking purple lightening everywhere, I want to see him beat the shit out of something with a scene that lasts more than like 30 seconds this time. Apparently Yuki WILL BE EATED if he goes out, but chances are ANGST character will return to cause Yuki to go BAT SHIT INSANE, and I can’t wait for more glass to break. Plus his besto friendo seems to have been consumed by TEH DARKNESS, and I bet he wants to DESTROY THE WORLD, or something like it.

Then again, I really just want to see some more fightan scenes, so I’ll be hoping for some more of that.


Hakuouki – Shinsengumi Kitan 5

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I seems this episode randomly skips forward to September 1864, and then later in the episode to Febuary 1865. THIS ANIME HAS NO FUCKING SENSE OF TIME WHATSOEVER, THEY JUST JUMP AROUND ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. It’s like OH HERE’S SOME IMPORTANT SHINSENGUMI SHIT THAT HAPPENED, LET’S SKIP HERE NOW.

Are you, like, TRYING to piss me off?

Oh DB, it seems you don’t know how to use google or wikipedia. The phrase you managed to fuck up is: “Revere the Emperor and expel the barbarians!” (“尊皇攘夷”). I mean come on, it was the fucking political slogan for overthrowing the Tokugawa bakufu during the Bakumatsu period, it’s not that hard to google, the fuck are you doing?

Anyway, to put this scene (and most of the episode) into historical context , there’s a bit of explaining to do (actually a lot). This phrase was part of the political philosophy of WESTERNERS ARE EVIL, GET RID OF THE SHOGUNATE, HE’S A RETARD supported but the Chōshū. The Shinsengumi were created, in opposition, to support the shogunate, and they weren’t really pro-western, but the shogunate didn’t want the westerners to blow up Japan, so he had to end isolationism (He even created an “Order to expel barbarians” (攘夷勅命) in March 1863, for fucks sake). I suppose the main problem was the the shogunate wasn’t anti-western ENOUGH for the Chōshū, but I don’t think anyone was really (FOR REALZ) ‘pro-western’ until the Meiji era, although the Chōshū seemed to have thought they were.

Actually it's the "Ittō-ryū" (一刀流), and DB decided it would be cool to misspell it. :/

As a result of this new found context, conveniently left out of the anime, since EVERYONE IN JAPAN KNOWS THIS BY HEART, it becomes apparent that, Itō Kashitarō, who they recruited, holds a totally different ideal from the Shinsengumi. He becomes their military adviser October 1864, but my only clue as to why is because when Itou and Kondou met in Edo, Itou’s BURNING DESIRE FOR KONDOU’S PENIS was too strong to refuse. This was part of the recruitment they did that added about 200 more members, which the anime covered quite well for once, because they got a SHIT LOAD OF CASH from the government for their good work in the Ikedaya Incident.

The anime then lolskips to February 1865 to the dispute that Sannan had with Itou and Kondou over relocating to Nishi Hongan-ji. It’s true that because of this (or so it’s thought) Sannan felt as if he was unneeded and tried to run away from the Shinsengumi, but this is where the anime and the history begin to be loltotally different.

History-wise Sannan, the GENERAL COMMANDER (fucking 1st sergeant my ass), tried to escape Feb 21, 1865, but was captured the next day, and forced to commit seppuku. However,  in the anime, he BECOMES THE DEMONS. I lol’d. This episode wasn’t too bad about the history this time, but again, they don’t give the viewer much context.

No John, you are the demons.

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Angel Beats

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Although I’m not blogging about this series because it’s fucking KEY, and I’m going to cry at the end (or at random parts in the middle), I would like to point out that TK is a p kewl guy, eh shouts random English phrases and doesn’t afraid of anything, and should be worshiped for his awesome-ness.

My favorite lines so far are:


The anime itself is lolwut, but just you watch, KEY never disappoints in delivering manly tears. Everyone who watches a KEY anime always ends up crying like a faggot.

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Giant Killing 6

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Boring ep was mainly boring, Manager dude is just kinda walking around and he has this press conference, and all these people are like WOAH WUT UP WITH THAT GUY, and the then sits in the park with this old dude and talks about soccer. There’s a lot of engrish and random languages for no apparent reason, French and German I think, so you get to hear funny Japanese accents. It’s a middle ep, so having a few of these be slow or boring is fine IMO, as long as it’s not like 3/4 eps long. Next ep looks promising anyway, there’s another match, so there’s no need to worry about that. There’s supposed to be some crafty old guy in it, so I’m looking forward to some good reaction faces.

The ep did have the most fucking EPIC handshake ever, so there are a few redeeming points, even though you can prolly skip this one and not miss much, if anything at all.

I wish someone would shake my hand like that

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Giant Killing 4-5

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Meet the new team - QUALITY STYLE.

So the match continues on into more awesome-ness, and I am totally gay for Gino now. I WOULD BEAR HIS CHILDREN – NO LIE.

You're so awesome ♥

Course then Tsubaki fucks shit up, and the other team scores. ;__; Murakoshi, our ANGST bitch, then goes fucking APE SHIT, and runs the fuck out of the ball for EPIC WIN (The match ends in a tie, but I don’t fucking care). I have more respect for you now ANGST bitch, I really do. Manager/Coach dude gives him with Captaincy back, but I liked Gino way better. He’s all smart and cool and shit. So w/e.


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B Gata H Kei 5

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Well whore-chan is at it again. This time it’s Valentine’s day (right after Christmas ep, WTF happened to that whole month in between?), and Yamada get’s all tsundere about giving him something. She stays up all night to make it, and then sneaks it into his mailbox.

The more important, and lulzy part of the ep was whore-chan deciding not to wear panties so she can flash people because she just KEEPS IT REAL LIKE THAT.

Actually, I think you are. (The sign says 'forbidden/prohibited' BTW)

And then the ep had like, this thing where it kept using this glowing yellow light everywhere. I don’t know why, but I guess the animators became obsessed with it, so they kept using it. Most of the ep turned into this thing about flashing people anyway, so I guess they found a good use for it.


Then, at the very end, Yamada asks him if he likes teh womenz that wear no panties, and he’s like WTF, so she gets all depressed. He then comes back, and the wind from the door flips her skirt up, and he gets a good look at her vagina. She gets all flustered because he saw it when she didn’t want him to, even though she was trying to flash him anyway. LOLWUT. Why can’t she decide to be either a whore or not a whore? Pick one dammit!

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