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Angel Beats – Clothes Pin Edition

May 23, 2010 Leave a comment
closepin wp

Awesome scene was awesome.


Angel Beats

May 19, 2010 Leave a comment


Although I’m not blogging about this series because it’s fucking KEY, and I’m going to cry at the end (or at random parts in the middle), I would like to point out that TK is a p kewl guy, eh shouts random English phrases and doesn’t afraid of anything, and should be worshiped for his awesome-ness.

My favorite lines so far are:


The anime itself is lolwut, but just you watch, KEY never disappoints in delivering manly tears. Everyone who watches a KEY anime always ends up crying like a faggot.

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Giant Killing 4-5

May 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Meet the new team – QUALITY STYLE.

So the match continues on into more awesome-ness, and I am totally gay for Gino now. I WOULD BEAR HIS CHILDREN – NO LIE.


You’re so awesome ♥

Course then Tsubaki fucks shit up, and the other team scores. ;__; Murakoshi, our ANGST bitch, then goes fucking APE SHIT, and runs the fuck out of the ball for EPIC WIN (The match ends in a tie, but I don’t fucking care). I have more respect for you now ANGST bitch, I really do. Manager/Coach dude gives him with Captaincy back, but I liked Gino way better. He’s all smart and cool and shit. So w/e.



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Arakawa Under the Bridge 4

May 1, 2010 Leave a comment

How is this supposed to be a date?

This episode had quite the surprising amount of lolwut in it. It starts out with the “date” that Recruit and Nino are supposed to be on, but it turns into this weird mock battles BS where the run around like insane people.

I used to think the Rec was like, normal or summat, so we would have the plot of a normal person dealing with lots of crazy people, but in the last couple of episodes I have realized that he is just as FUCKING CRAZY as the rest of them. Absolutely insane.


No it’s… really not…

He then pulls a bit of awesome-ness out of his ass, and helps Nino with her boat thingy, and she gets all dere about it. Hurray~

But then the second part pulls a bunch of shitload of fuck out from the depths of fuckville, and we get a GAR loli. Little girls are supposed to be cute, NOT SCARY! ;___;


She will kick your ass and not even think twice.

She then kicks the holy fucking shit out of Rec (poor soul, he never saw it coming), and then we move onto the third part. Apparently your allowed to have farms under bridges in Japan, because Sister and Rec go to exactly just that. Seriously, this is just… just not possible. I saw this part and realized this anime is going to go very strange places in the future. No doubt about it. Rec’s reaction to it was exactly the same as mine, strangely.



They then meet Maria who is like this really sweet looking person, but she’s really a Sadist, and she proceeds to verbally abuse both of them.

At first Sister is, like, totally awesome about it and just keeps apologizing for everything, but then Maria calls him boring and his scar fucking explodes. I DONT EVEN.



The episode then ends. Hurra~

Note: SHAFT, being the uber trolls they are, released part of the episode only on the web.  If you get Nutbladder’s release they put the web parts in with the ep, but the raws (since it was on a stream) are EYE CANCER AIDS. At least the rest of the ep was nice~

Saraiya Goyou 1-2

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the most MOE MOE KYUN cat evar~

This show is awesome. The art style is unique and the main character is so shy that it’s really, really moe, and cute. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? This moe samurai is basically wondering around, when he meets this awesome GAR motherfucker with white hair. I smell TEH GHEY coming along, but I don’t think this anime is in that sub-category, but I dunno.

So he is told to join this guys group, the Five Leaves, which is basically like a mafia group, but he doesn’t want to because it’s too scary, and he’s way to uber kawaii to be kidnapping people.

He then proceeds to HANG AROUND THEM ANYWAY, even though Ume scares him, because they are his only friends, and he has a BURNING DESIRE for Yaichi’s penis, and it seems like Otake has a BURNING DESIRE for his. Whatever, they can all fuck in a giant orgy off-screen.

The second episode ends with Yaichi admitting that he finds Masa-san to be an interesting person, AKA BURNING DESIRE FOR HIS PENIS, and so we get some good foreshadowing into Masa-san/Samurai-san becoming part of the group.

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Arakawa Under the Bridge 1-3

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

This show is amazing. ‘Nough said. I will, however, point out that Arakawa is an actual river in Japan, so the title is literally referring to the river that runs underneath the bridge by name.

The plot is about how Recruit ends up living under said bridge, and the shit that happens while he lives there. Nino-san (The name itself is a pun – it’s the Jap for 2-3) thinks she’s an alien from Venus, and saves Rec, but he can’t owe anything to anyone. In desperation, he asks her what she wants, and she makes him her lover, but the only catch is that he has to live under the bridge. So awesome.

Most of the episodes are about him meeting the other INSANE FUCKERS that live under the bridge, and I really would like to say that all these people are fucking BADASS/GAR.

Episode 3 features my favorite character, and one of the reasons I started watching the show in the first place, Hoshi (Star). He’s a badass motherfucker with a star face, he plays guitar, and hes not FUCKING AROUND.


That’s not someone you FUCK AROUND WITH.


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