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Giant Killing 6

May 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Boring ep was mainly boring, Manager dude is just kinda walking around and he has this press conference, and all these people are like WOAH WUT UP WITH THAT GUY, and the then sits in the park with this old dude and talks about soccer. There’s a lot of engrish and random languages for no apparent reason, French and German I think, so you get to hear funny Japanese accents. It’s a middle ep, so having a few of these be slow or boring is fine IMO, as long as it’s not like 3/4 eps long. Next ep looks promising anyway, there’s another match, so there’s no need to worry about that. There’s supposed to be some crafty old guy in it, so I’m looking forward to some good reaction faces.

The ep did have the most fucking EPIC handshake ever, so there are a few redeeming points, even though you can prolly skip this one and not miss much, if anything at all.


I wish someone would shake my hand like that

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Hakuouki – Shinsengumi Kitan 4

May 2, 2010 Leave a comment
Sexy Beast

The main reason I watch this show – He’s such a sexy beast.

I would first like to note that episode three, which was about the Ikedaya Incident, happened July 8, 1864. The fourth episode, featuring the the Hamaguri Gate rebellion (“Kinmon no Hen”), which included the Great Genji Fire, happened August 20, 1864. The anime seems to try to make you believe that they happened like RIGHT AFTER one another, but there’s nearly a whole month in which nothing happened.

Second, the Hamaguri Gate rebellion had little to nothing to do with the Shinsengumi. The Satsuma and Aizu clans were defending the capital against a mixed group of Choushuu and rebels. I’m sure the Shinsengumi played a small part, since they were formed to protect Tokugawa Iemochi, the 14th shogun, but they weren’t very important.

Third, the fire was an unintended side-effect of the rebellion. The Choushuu may or may not have started it, but that wasn’t the whole point of the fucking rebellion, it was the discontent of pro-imperial and anti-alien groups (AKA WESTERNERS MUST DIE), and I don’t think the anime made this clear, like, AT ALL. It made it seem like a random and unexplained event.

If your going to have an anime that encircles history, get the history fucking right.

Leaving that aside, most of this episode was fucking boring. About 90% of the whole episode was them fucking walking to places. They went to one place, and then they went to another. THATS NOT FUCKING INTERESTING. I think it’s a bit early for the shitty middle eps that have nothing happening in them, so they better step up next time. At least wait till 6/7 until you start having fucking boring shit, GODDAMN.

Then in the last 5 minutes after I had been bored out of my goddamn mind, they finally had the baddies come in and we got a little bit of action. Thank FUCKING GOD.



They also had a character with a gun. GUNS IN MY SAMURAI ANIME? MORE LIKELY THAN YOU THINK! I don’t mind mixing it up, but I dunno about this. Was a revolver even available to people during this era? Let’s look at the facts: Perry had arrived in 1853, and this episode is taking place in 1864, meaning Western goods were being imported into Japan. So importation is possible! The earliest six barreled revolver, the Colt Peacemaker, later called the SAA, was patented in 1836, but HE DIDN’T EVEN START MAKING THEM UNTIL 1869, and it didn’t go into mass production until 1873. Unless he stole the patent, there’s just no way.

Final conclusion:  He could have had a gun, but not a revolver. Oh well, the main character can fucking REGENERATE HER WOUNDS, so I guess they aren’t going for the whole, REALITY thing anyway.



Other than just looking at the awesome sexy beasts that populate this anime, you can pretty much skip the whole thing except the last 5-6 minutes. Not much actually happened thats worth much talking about, except, of course, picking apart the faulty history. *YAWN*

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