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Togainu no Chi – General

January 1, 2011 2 comments

I played the Togainu no Chi VN, and then I decided to watch the anime, in the hopes for an ending that wasn’t ASS and FAIL, but I should have known better. Adaptations are never good, this is simply law. Not that they had much to work with since the VN :IS: an emo-fagfest, but they managed to make it worse somehow. Go figure. However, they decided to reference one of the endings in Keisuke’s route was so fucking ridiculous that I laughed my ass off. Apparently Keisuke goes fucking insane due to loldrugs, and then rips out Akira’s intestines because he LOVES HIM, and then shouts the following:


I guess the anime producers must have also found this shit to be funny as fuck, so they put it in a HIGHLY CENSORED dream. I often dream with lots of censorship myself, who doesn’t? Sadly, the ever so lulzy dialogue was taken out. ;__;


Notice how they took out the background (since who dreams with fucking BACKGROUNDS nowadays?), and THE QUALITY IS ASS. It almost made watching the whole thing worth it, but then they gave me a shitty no end end, and I decided I still hate adaptations. WHERE IS MY KEISUKE END?!

Side note: The VN really is an emo-fagfest. I’m not lying. There are even RAPE DENS.