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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru 3

May 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Luka, for an emo vampire pussy boi, you sure are nice on the eyes~

I literally don’t know what I just watched. I don’t. I can barely explain WTF happened, but that’s the way I always enjoy my anime (♥). I do hope they focus on this part of the anime instead, because it sure beats the obvious THE WORLD GUNNA END so we are full of DARKNESS foreshadowing from before.


The artists must have some sort of circle jerking session for this emo bullshit, because it’s fucking everywhere. I don’t know whether to hate it, or like it.

It continues on from last ep with the whole LEARN TO CONTROL UR POWERS, and THE WORLD IS ENDING WE SO SAD bullshit, but after dealing with that, we get some more shounen-ai scenes with Luka and Yuki, and then the anime just stops making sense. They just put emo DARKNESS symbolism everywhere, and apparently TEH DEMONS ARE COMING. Rose petals, red moons, vampires, dripping blood, lots of red and black, etc. The only thing it’s missing is one of the characters crying fucking blood, so I’ll be waiting for that moment to come, because there’s no way they can pass that up. NO FUCKING WAY.



Strangely enough, this episode did have a few GAR moments with our lovely seme Luka, but there seems to be some sort of hidden sideplot dorama going on with our Soubi-copy, and I’m sure that whole thing will turn into some emo shounen-ai shitfest in due time (Please let it be so!).


The GARest moment of the show, by far.

Not sure about this whole NIGHT OF TEH DEMONS thing (some sort of plot device, I’m sure), but I don’t give a shit as long as there is some epic fightan scenes. Luka can shoot fucking purple lightening everywhere, I want to see him beat the shit out of something with a scene that lasts more than like 30 seconds this time. Apparently Yuki WILL BE EATED if he goes out, but chances are ANGST character will return to cause Yuki to go BAT SHIT INSANE, and I can’t wait for more glass to break. Plus his besto friendo seems to have been consumed by TEH DARKNESS, and I bet he wants to DESTROY THE WORLD, or something like it.

Then again, I really just want to see some more fightan scenes, so I’ll be hoping for some more of that.




Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru 2

April 19, 2010 1 comment

“Shounen-ai is gar.”

Someone on the internet (TT) said this about this series, so it must be true. I’m glad I got this update, but otherwise I would have gone on about how unGAR this anime is, but since TEH GHEY is very apparent, and thusly makes it GAR, I will just have to rage about how much emo bullshit DARKNESS there is in this anime, instead of it’s apparent unGAR-ness.


This show is 100% ghey. I think this proves it.

The first thing that irked me about this second episode was the shitty CG’ed monsters/demons. What a fucking joke. They look lame, and are lame. Oops, I’m sorry this anime is GAR now, and not just emo, so the CG monsters are really badass and scary looking. I just don’t seem to get it for w/e reason. I would also like to note I fucking hate the VA for the main character. Listening to him is just annoying.


I-It’s not like I-I’m not scared of you or a-anything!

Anyho, Yuki-chan finds out that he has a long lost brother, Takashiro, who is really a half brother and he wants him to come live with him because he DESIRES HIS PENIS.

Side note: HEY TAKASHIRO, I LIKED YOU BETTER WHEN YOU WERE CALLED SOUBI.  Yes, that’s right, the character design for Takashiro is fucking EXACTLY the same as Soubi from Loveless. They both even have deep scarring. The original has it on his neck, and the copy has one on his face. Woah, the similarities. To make it even better, the VA that is voicing this Soubi-look-alike, Takehito Koyasu, not only voiced a supporting characer in Loveless, but was the man that took Soubi’s virginity. DEAR GOD, THERE IS EVEN VA DORAMA/IRONY IN THIS SHOW. What’s next, pregnant men?

Original Soubi

Not-So-Original Copy

The beginning then focuses on this whole “THE WAR IS BEGINNING” bullshit and how Yuki is close to AWAKENING HIS POWERS. I don’t mind a bit of foreshadowing, but I fucking hate when almost the whole first half is focused on being MYSTERIOUS as if it’s cool or makes the plot seem more exciting – because it doesn’t. Leave me in the dark, I like not knowing what’s going on (I actually do), but don’t do it in such a way in which I KNOW it’s foreshadowing. Just talk like normal fucking people who know something you don’t. Irony is a really good plot device, and I like seeing it used, but don’t abuse it just to foreshadow.

Oh, sorry, scratch that, this anime is GAR now, so really he’s going to fuck shit up, you just don’t know it yet.

Yuki then breaks a bunch of windows with his POWERS, and everyone freaks out, so Yuki starts walking aimlessly around the city because he is an EMO BITCH, and must show off his DARKNESS. Then Yuki’s boyfri-, er, I mean, best friend comes along just so he can talk to him, have him walk away, and stare at him all worried and such. I don’t get these scenes. Is it to show how confused Yuki is? Or is it to show more emo DARKNESS themes of self-hatred and despair? I just don’t get how a main character pathetically walking around like a lifeless husk does anything but piss people off. It doesn’t move the story anywhere, I don’t feel sorry for him, and there are way better ways to show a character who is confused or angry at himself.

Uzuki, the ANGST character, finally reappears again after the second half so that he can give us a break from Yuki’s emo DARKNESS, and bring some ANGST in to fuck shit up. He tells Yuki that he’s unneeded, and Yuki freaks the fuck out again. I love seeing all that fucking glass break. Go ANGST character, go! Bring me some more DARKNESS. We don’t nearly have enough yet~

Because ANGST character fucked up his shit, Yuki decides its a really good idea to sit in the rain because that’s the only thing he knows how to do, so Zess (AKA Luka) has to come around and make him less emo, or the emo levels will overcome the DARKNESS levels, and that’s no good. Luka then proceeds to let us all know about his DESIRE FOR YUKI’S PENIS, and Yuki is so happy he stops being emo, and ALL THE RAIN GOES AWAY (Such original-ness).


Rain, rain go away, come again another day~

Zess proceeds to pick up Yuki PRINCESS STYLE, and more of those shitty CG monsters attack (Duras). They get defeated by some of the random people that know Yuki’s name, and Soubi No. 2 then ninja’s his way out of the bushes, and tells Yuki he must LEARN HOW TO CONTROL HIS POWERS, OR THEY WILL EAT HIM. So now Yuki is all like WHAT I DO NOW, I WANTS TO BE NORMAL, BUT I AINT.