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Black Clover

May 22, 2018 Leave a comment

A shounen that has magical fighting battles with BOOKS, and TWO MCs instead of ONE?  Sign me the FUCK UP! There’s just one teeny, tiny, little, ITTY BITTY PROBLEM. It’s called “ASTA’S SCREAMING FACE HOLE”. Darn.

asta scream


That’s right, fam. The MC (#1) can’t actually SHUT THE FUCK UP, ever. He screams. Always. I don’t know how you get past this, it’s constant, HE’S ONE OF THE MCs, it’s not like he GOES AWAY. For shame.

The plot is IDK Link saved the world from TEH DEMONS (when does he not), and now they are always BATTLE READY for everything with their super magic books. The number of clovers you have on a book means that UR A WIZARD HARRY.

totally not link

“WITNESS ME!”     -Totally not Link. Nope.

There’s some sorta cool character development, I guess, cuzz Asta goes from NO MAGICKS to ANTI-MAGICKS, and the other MC, EMO EDGELORD-chan, is super powerful because he can be STOIC AND SILENT. Maybe he’s really strong? Maybe it’s just Maybelline. Anyhow, none of that matters because the show contains my spirit animal. An angry bird that smells your LIES, and is totally a Pokemon.

actually a pokemon


TL;DR: After Link saves the world, they all become BATTLE READY book wizards, but the MC is kicked out because he’s A SCREAMING LUNATIC, and there’s a Pokemon: the Anime.



Togainu no Chi – General

January 1, 2011 2 comments

I played the Togainu no Chi VN, and then I decided to watch the anime, in the hopes for an ending that wasn’t ASS and FAIL, but I should have known better. Adaptations are never good, this is simply law. Not that they had much to work with since the VN :IS: an emo-fagfest, but they managed to make it worse somehow. Go figure. However, they decided to reference one of the endings in Keisuke’s route was so fucking ridiculous. Apparently Keisuke goes fucking insane due to loldrugs, and then rips out Akira’s intestines because he LOVES HIM, and then shouts the following:



I guess the anime producers wanted to KIND OF stay true to the story, so they put it in a HIGHLY CENSORED dream. I often dream with lots of censorship myself, who doesn’t? Sadly, the ever so lulzy dialogue was taken out. ;__;



Notice how they took out the background (since who dreams with fucking BACKGROUNDS nowadays?), and THE QUALITY IS ASS. It almost made watching the whole thing worth it, but then they gave me a shitty no end end, and I decided I still hate adaptations. WHERE IS MY KEISUKE END?!

Side note: The VN really is an emo-fagfest. I’m not lying. There are even RAPE DENS.

Hakuouki – Shinsengumi Kitan 6

May 22, 2010 Leave a comment

That’s a very convincing face u have der, Sannan-kun.

I think this episode marks the beginning of where history and this anime diverge, which is fine, I guess, since TEH DEMONS are far more important anyway.

Anyho, the whole thing with Sannan-san kinda made me lol, because in history he actually dies, but in the anime, since we have this whole DEMON EXPERIMENTS subplot going on, they decided to have him “pretend die”, so that he can still be around, but everyone thinks he’s dead. How very clever.

The anime then moves to March 1865 when the Shinsengumi moved to Nishi Hongan-ji. They also showed scenes of Okita Souji coughing and the like, which is alluding to him becoming sick with tuberculosis, but he doesn’t become seriously ill until fall of 1867, so it might be a bit early to show him coughing and shit, but he may have had it for a long time.

It also shows Toudou Heisuke acting all weird. This might be an allusion to the fact that after he became aware that Sannan committed seppuku, he started to doubt the Shinsengumi, but I have no fucking idea what the anime is going to do with this since Sannan is “pretend dead”. Maybe he doesn’t know that he’s alive?

The anime then moves on to add in bullshit that really didn’t happen in this time period. Shogun Iemochi was summoned by the emperor to visit the capital (at the time it was Kyoto), so that he could accompany him to Nijou castle, BACK IN 1863. The Shinsengumi weren’t EVEN FUCKING FORMED YET, as all the members were still part of the Rōshigumi in 1863, goddamit. I guess the anime got bored and decided they needed more exciting things to happen, since 1865 is fucking boring Japanese history-wise, and lots of fun shit happened in 1863. I don’t fucking know, it goddamn wrong, and retarded, so who knows wut these assholes were thinking. And here I was thinking this anime was doing good on history, cept the LOLNO CONTEXT shit, but they had to fucking spoil it didn’t they?


Wait, so Chizu-chan is TEH DEMONS now too? DOUSHITE?!

Next, I think I’ve started to figure out the whole TEH DEMONS part of the anime. The white haired people aren’t demons like the blond sexy beast or Chizuru (best pairing ever, please let it be so!), they are demon-like vampires. So the true DEMONS are normal looking with LOL SUPERPOWERS, and this medicine shit turns the other people into pretend demon vampire things (due to the whole “WE DRINK BLOOD, WE GO CRAZY” shit mentioned in the episode). VAMPIRES VS. DEMONS, WHO SHALL WIN?!!?!!?

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Hakuouki – Shinsengumi Kitan 5

May 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I seems this episode randomly skips forward to September 1864, and then later in the episode to Febuary 1865. THIS ANIME HAS NO FUCKING SENSE OF TIME WHATSOEVER, THEY JUST JUMP AROUND ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. It’s like OH HERE’S SOME IMPORTANT SHINSENGUMI SHIT THAT HAPPENED, LET’S SKIP HERE NOW.


Are you, like, TRYING to piss me off?

Oh DB, it seems you don’t know how to use google or wikipedia. The phrase you managed to fuck up is: “Revere the Emperor and expel the barbarians!” (“尊皇攘夷”). I mean come on, it was the fucking political slogan for overthrowing the Tokugawa bakufu during the Bakumatsu period, it’s not that hard to google, the fuck are you doing?

Anyway, to put this scene (and most of the episode) into historical context , there’s a bit of explaining to do (actually a lot). This phrase was part of the political philosophy of WESTERNERS ARE EVIL, GET RID OF THE SHOGUNATE, HE’S A RETARD supported but the Chōshū. The Shinsengumi were created, in opposition, to support the shogunate, and they weren’t really pro-western, but the shogunate didn’t want the westerners to blow up Japan, so he had to end isolationism (He even created an “Order to expel barbarians” (攘夷勅命) in March 1863, for fucks sake). I suppose the main problem was the the shogunate wasn’t anti-western ENOUGH for the Chōshū, but I don’t think anyone was really (FOR REALZ) ‘pro-western’ until the Meiji era, although the Chōshū seemed to have thought they were.


Actually it’s the “Ittō-ryū” (一刀流), and DB decided it would be cool to misspell it. :/

As a result of this new found context, conveniently left out of the anime, since EVERYONE IN JAPAN KNOWS THIS BY HEART, it becomes apparent that, Itō Kashitarō, who they recruited, holds a totally different ideal from the Shinsengumi. He becomes their military adviser October 1864, but my only clue as to why is because when Itou and Kondou met in Edo, Itou’s BURNING DESIRE FOR KONDOU’S PENIS was too strong to refuse. This was part of the recruitment they did that added about 200 more members, which the anime covered quite well for once, because they got a SHIT LOAD OF CASH from the government for their good work in the Ikedaya Incident.

The anime then lolskips to February 1865 to the dispute that Sannan had with Itou and Kondou over relocating to Nishi Hongan-ji. It’s true that because of this (or so it’s thought) Sannan felt as if he was unneeded and tried to run away from the Shinsengumi, but this is where the anime and the history begin to be loltotally different.

History-wise Sannan, the GENERAL COMMANDER (fucking 1st sergeant my ass), tried to escape Feb 21, 1865, but was captured the next day, and forced to commit seppuku. However,  in the anime, he BECOMES THE DEMONS. I lol’d. This episode wasn’t too bad about the history this time, but again, they don’t give the viewer much context.


No John, you are the demons.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama 5

May 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Gotta love creepy staring~

MAID-SAMA OF FORESHADOWING, DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH FORESHADOWING?! Okay, this episode managed to piss me off something fierce. I have never seen such awful overuse of foreshadowing in my life. The entire episode foreshadowed a small event in the end that DIDN’T EVEN TURN OUT TO BE ALL THAT BAD. So the entire time it’s like, OMG STALKERS ARE COMING, and after the 3rd or 4th time, I’m like can we bring out those fucking stalkers now please, PLEASE, for my SANITY if NOTHING ELSE?


Why couldn’t you show up earlier and save me 15 minutes of FORESHADOWING?

The scene itself was a bit anti-climatic, she kicks their ass p quick and Usui breaks a fucking window, so I am left wondering what the fuck was all that FORESHADOWING necessary for? Nothing. Fucking nothing. I hate bullshit like this, I really do.


Sure you didn’t.

Well, at the very least, Usui learned that Tsundere-chan isn’t a weak little girl that needs constant supervision and caring for, so I guess the only good thing about the ep is that it shows the awesome power of teh womenz. Fuck yer.


I don’t think she likes that.

Giant Killing 3

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

So the training ep begins.

I would like to begin by pointing out that I used the subgroup Anbu-Umai of screencaps, and when I was skipping through, I saw this yellow fucking bullshit on the OP, so now I have to make a comment on it – IT’S FUCKING AIDS. It’s this golden yellow shit fucking HARDCODED onto the video, so you can’t even get rid of it even if you wanted to. It’s goddamn EYE CANCER is wut it is. Fucking yellow clusterfuck of shit and AIDS. I wish I could fucking unsee this shit.


Do you need some more EYE CANCER with your anime? Here you go~

Anyho, this episode is mostly about Kuroda being pissed off the entire fucking time, Tsubaki being a pussy, and the introduction to the new captain, Gino the okama Prince. And he is quite homosexual, I have to say. I didn’t really expect TEH GHEY to be in this anime, but I guess one character being homo spices it up. Whatever, they put shounen-ai in everything now anyway.


You are fabulous~

After showing a bit of Mr.Prince showing off his EPIC SKILLZ, they begin setting up for a pre-lim. match, so I guess that means the next episode is going to be the match itself, and I am beyond fucking happy because I don’t have to see anymore TRAINING. Well, until the episode after that, you never know when it’ll show up in a sports anime.

random CG

Such un-obvious CG

The episode also featured more of that shitty CG shit they put into anime these days, and I have to say I really fucking hate it. I really do. Nothing pisses me off more than being able to tell that’s its there. Isn’t the whole point of CG to make it groove with the medium it’s in, and not be able to tell it’s there? And yet, anime CG is so fucking different from the rest of the animation you can immediately tell it doesn’t belong, as if they are proud of it or something. I HATE THAT SHIT. It’s annoying, and it looks bad.


Not in America you aren’t.

Okay, there’s nothing really WRONG with this translation, but I would just like to point out that when I hear the Japanese saying SOKKA-SENSHI and seeing FOOTBALL PLAYERS on the bottom, especially when the Japanese are using the Engrish term for soccer, it’s a bit jarring. PICK A WORD, PLS MY SON.

Bakemonogatari 1-14

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Where the fuck is episode 15? Is MAL lying to me?



Excuse me while I sneak up and rape you.

Anyho, bakemonogatari is basically SHAFT creating a giant slide show, and then calling it anime. Doesn’t make it bad, by any means, but you have to admit that’s literally what it is.

The whole plot line is basically GHOST BUSTERS, with lots of MOE shit, and a love story added in between. Funny part is, that despite that it’s still AMAZING.

If you add these two things together, it makes this anime GHOST BUSTERS – THE SLIDESHOW.

Basically the main character was once a vampire, but for whatever reason that doesn’t really seem to matter. He has healing abilities because of it though, and so he then goes out to fight against ghosts, or “oddities”, FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

The anime really ends at ep 12 (as far as I’m concerned), anyone who tells you otherwise is FUCKING LYING, and if you do count 12 as the end this anime actually has a GOOD END. It still has a few eps after it (13-15), but it’s more of LOL WE FORGOT ABOUT THIS type shit, as they are trying to solve one of the side characters problems, and find Shinobu, a character that shows up so little I barely know who she is. It’s like the anime got some early OVA’s, and as far as I’m concerned eps 13-25 are just OMAKES (extras) similar to OVA’S or BD extras. Then again, 15 might end up being like UBER FINALE END, so in that case my argument might become completely invalid.


Just what I needed SHAFT, more 2chan jokes. 

I like the main character, not going to lie. Well considering he has the same VA as Zetsubou Sensei, it’s hard not to enjoy listening to him when he talks. Senjougahara is also the most amazing tsundere character I have ever seen. She’s so tsun there might as well be no dere – well, until near the end. There’s lots of dere in ep 12.

Overall enjoyable and entertaining. The art is signature SHAFT bullshit – close in face shots, high contrast shots, random scenery shots, angled shadows and lights. All the normal shit SHAFT is known for, but turned up a bit. The art really reminded me of The SoulTaker, but then I remembered how fucking shit that anime was, so I stopped. There’s only so much you can add into an anime before it get fucking ridiculous, and SoulTaker reached that point, so I’d rather not remember how much I FUCKING RAGED at that shit.

I do, however, wonder when 15 will come out, it seems to have been awhile… Maybe it’s on hiatus, and SHAFT is just trolling us all. After fucking KyoAni, I never put the idea that production companies don’t know how to troll off the table. They can do it like anyone else can, if not better, and if ENDLESS EIGHT didn’t make you rage, I don’t know what will.

On a side note, it took me until episode 14 to realize that the two characters doing the preview were Araragi’s little sisters. Srsly, I should have figured that out a lot faster.