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Arakawa Under the Bridge 5-7

May 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Maria is p kewl guy, ehs makes Sister’s face explode, and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Overall, Rec is slowly losing his sanity under this bridge. He really is. He now thinks he has to have some sort of community JERB, so that he can be a citizen in this homeless, crazy, insane community that LIVES UNDER A BRIDGE.

Him and Hoshi get into some sort of music duel. I was hoping that Hoshi would like fucking blast some hard core rock, or something MEGA-GAR, but it turned out to be average, and Rec played a bunch of classical music due to his obvious ELITISM (Do I smell a superiority complex?).



Rec then decides hes going to teach COMMON SENSE to the people around him. Good luck with that one Rec, I think you’ve already lost yours. I would also like to note that the voice actor for Rec is the same as Nozomu Itoshiki (“Zetsubou-sensei” from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), which is also a SHAFT anime, so I found him being a “teacher” very ironic and humorous VA-wise. ETA till he screams “ZETSUBOU SHITA!”


Just as planned.

I did, however, find his imagery of what Sister should look like to be very awesome. Course, just as Rec starts trying to teach people he runs into a huge problem. Stella, the GAR loli from FUCKING HELL. She’s back and ready to fuck up his shit, and manages to do so until she gets appeased with LOLCOLORING.



Also, inb4 o9k OP changes, lol SHAFT.

Sidenote: they did introduce another character, P-Ko, but she isn’t awesome like Maria, so I don’t give a shit.

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Bakemonogatari 1-14

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Where the fuck is episode 15? Is MAL lying to me?



Excuse me while I sneak up and rape you.

Anyho, bakemonogatari is basically SHAFT creating a giant slide show, and then calling it anime. Doesn’t make it bad, by any means, but you have to admit that’s literally what it is.

The whole plot line is basically GHOST BUSTERS, with lots of MOE shit, and a love story added in between. Funny part is, that despite that it’s still AMAZING.

If you add these two things together, it makes this anime GHOST BUSTERS – THE SLIDESHOW.

Basically the main character was once a vampire, but for whatever reason that doesn’t really seem to matter. He has healing abilities because of it though, and so he then goes out to fight against ghosts, or “oddities”, FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

The anime really ends at ep 12 (as far as I’m concerned), anyone who tells you otherwise is FUCKING LYING, and if you do count 12 as the end this anime actually has a GOOD END. It still has a few eps after it (13-15), but it’s more of LOL WE FORGOT ABOUT THIS type shit, as they are trying to solve one of the side characters problems, and find Shinobu, a character that shows up so little I barely know who she is. It’s like the anime got some early OVA’s, and as far as I’m concerned eps 13-25 are just OMAKES (extras) similar to OVA’S or BD extras. Then again, 15 might end up being like UBER FINALE END, so in that case my argument might become completely invalid.


Just what I needed SHAFT, more 2chan jokes. 

I like the main character, not going to lie. Well considering he has the same VA as Zetsubou Sensei, it’s hard not to enjoy listening to him when he talks. Senjougahara is also the most amazing tsundere character I have ever seen. She’s so tsun there might as well be no dere – well, until near the end. There’s lots of dere in ep 12.

Overall enjoyable and entertaining. The art is signature SHAFT bullshit – close in face shots, high contrast shots, random scenery shots, angled shadows and lights. All the normal shit SHAFT is known for, but turned up a bit. The art really reminded me of The SoulTaker, but then I remembered how fucking shit that anime was, so I stopped. There’s only so much you can add into an anime before it get fucking ridiculous, and SoulTaker reached that point, so I’d rather not remember how much I FUCKING RAGED at that shit.

I do, however, wonder when 15 will come out, it seems to have been awhile… Maybe it’s on hiatus, and SHAFT is just trolling us all. After fucking KyoAni, I never put the idea that production companies don’t know how to troll off the table. They can do it like anyone else can, if not better, and if ENDLESS EIGHT didn’t make you rage, I don’t know what will.

On a side note, it took me until episode 14 to realize that the two characters doing the preview were Araragi’s little sisters. Srsly, I should have figured that out a lot faster.