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Hetalia World Series 1-4

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The first thing I have to say about this anime series is that I miss the old gg subbing of it. I’m about 90% sure the translator working with Rumble now was from the now dead gg group, but I particularly liked the way it was styled, so although the translations seem to be the same or really similar, I do miss the way I used to watch it, and I FUCKING HATE that THING Rumble puts up as their, I dunno, logo. ITS FUCKING AIDS and EYE CANCER. I never appreciated reading giant logo’s of sub groups next to the title of the anime to begin with, and I particularly hate this one.

I don't know what that thing is, but I DONT LIKE IT.

It’s also one of the few series I watch subtitled, as I can’t find download-able RAWS (Only thing I can find are streams, which doesn’t make much difference quality-wise but, hey, I like having it on my computer), so it adds a bit of salt into the wounds. I use subbed versions to take screen shots, but I usually can’t watch subs because I end up RAGING, as tls and editors often do things I DO NOT ENJOY.

EXAMPLE: IT CAN’T BE HELPED. Why the fuck is SHOU GA NAI always, and I mean ALWAYS, translated this way? It literally means “There is no method” which doesn’t mean squat in English, so you have to go off of how it’s used in Japanese. If you do that, the meaning is something along the line of, “there’s nothing I can do about it”, or “oh well”, but the people in anime subgroups have decided that “IT CAN’T BE HELPED” this is the ONLY way to translate this phrase, which means about as much as “There is no method” (AKA JACK SHIT). Whatever, they can do wut they fucking want. SHOU GA NAI.

I do like how the opening cut scene has changed from red to green. It still looks like AIDS on the webrips, but I like how they are making a slight different between the first two seasons and this one.

Mean green fighting machine.

Overall it’s the same bullshit as from the last season, but new stuff or parts of history they haven’t covered yet. And considering the long history of Europe and Asia + America, I don’t think they will be running out of material anytime soon.

Episode 1 is about Prussia being angry for not showing up as much (I am in total agreement, he should show up more), and goes and reads his dairy as a form of revenge. Whatever, it doesn’t have to make sense. There’s some bullshit with the two Italy’s fucking around with Germany, and then American kicks the shit out of Canada with a baseball. Poor Canada~

That just looks...painful.


Episode 2 and 3 are about Japan visiting and talking with Greece and Turkey, and there are lots of cats and talk of Spartans. Go figure. The nekomimi shit they do it p cute tho. :3

Episode 4 has a scene with Italy and France, and France scares the shit out of Italy, and then the rest is about Poland fucking around. Lithuania is all worried and shit because Russia and Germany are going to invade his ass, so he’s trying to help, but Poland is a stupid fuck, so he just forgets what Lithuania tells him. What to do.

Like OMG, that's, like, so interesting!

Episode 1: Link
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