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B Gata H Kei 4

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

So. Many. Dicks.

Well, this episode was about a date on Christmas. Not very original, no, but there’s a lot of parts in here that are just kinda lolwut. Basically our little whore-chan, Yamada, get Kosuda, who I think is very kawaii/moe btw, to ask her on a date for Christmas Eve, and it just kinda goes…downhill from there. The whole episode is basically Yamada trying to fuck him, and him figuring out that she wants to fuck him. Oh my.


This is the target audience for this show, no doubt.

But most of the episode they are just fucking walking around. They go to a restaurant where she seduces an old man, and then she goes and walks around a bunch of love hotels. The managed to kiss, OMG I KNOW ITS LIKE SO AWESOME, but then Yamada freaks the fuck out, and then once she calms the fuck down, she grabs Kosuda so she can try to fuck him in a goddamn park. Yes, that’s right, a park. HOW ROMANTIC. They manage to get to second base, but after that they run away because they are goddamn failures,  so they end up riding THE TRAIN OF SHAME back home, so that they can cry themselves to sleep.


I’m sorry you’re such a failure, I really am.

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