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Ben-to – General

January 20, 2012 Leave a comment


Oh how I love you Ben-to. So crap, and yet so beautiful. Honestly if they had just stayed with epic battles and added in 10 more angry lesbians, I would have been happy. Sadly it was destined for HAREM CRAP, although I enjoyed it.

I guess the reason I enjoyed it was the the idea of people hurting each other over cheap food. Hello animal instincts! FUCK YE FIGHTING TO THE DEATH OVER LUNCH BOXES. Only parts I didn’t get is why the fuck MC decided to jump out the window for his Sega. He nearly died, and the tsundere bitch was like, ‘Oh btw my bad for throwing your shit out the window’. Then again, noone in their right mind would jump out the window after it. So whatevs.

Also, the MC kinda managed to fag up the place the entire time with his FUCKING DICK. Always with his dick. I swear the writers WERE IN LOVE WITH IT. Those pedos. But seriously, why was his dick out all the time, every time? Saa…