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Kaichou wa Maid-sama 4

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Overall, this was mainly a boring ep till near then end, where we get some delicious trap action. I swear to god the entire first half was about jizzing/circle jerking over this character blond character named Aoi. She/He/It is supposed to be all MOE MOE KYUN, but I think that the hair style with the uber curls that look like fucking DRILL HAIR is hideous. We get some EPIC COOKING ACTION with Usui about in the middle first half, so I guess I can forgive them, but honestly, the whole Aoi is really a guy thing wasn’t that big of a surprise.


Now featuring MORE TRAPS

The moment I saw the scene where she/he/it was all blushing from seeing tsundere-chan changing, I kinda got the idea that, YEAH THIS IS A TRAP. Of course, because tsundere-chan is so awesome, the trap is going to fall in love with her too. I can feel it IN MY FUCKING BONES. I guess it’s better than the second one, but I dunno. Traps do make anime more awesome, I guess, so I hope they use it well, and don’t fuck it up.

Also inb4 this becomes a reverse harem anime.

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Hakuouki – Shinsengumi Kitan 1-3

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Another anime about the Shinsengumi? Hell yeah!

Oh wait, no, never mind, it’s really just an anime that’s based of a manga, Hakuouki Junrenka, which is loosely based off of a popular otome game (AKA Dating SIM/VA for girls), Hakuoki Zuisouroku. So it’s a reverse harem, Shinsengumi, game-manga adaptation, reverse trap anime, and it has demons in it somehow. What a shitload of fuck. I like the OP music, it flows with the images p damn well, and it’s not AIDS to my ears. My favorite Shinsengumi character from the series is Saitou, as he is the male TEH REI character type. Nothing says sexy like an emotion-less stare. I think I just might play the game instead.

But the real question at the end of the day for a Shinsengumi anime is:

Does it actually have important Shinsengumi characters in it?

Saitou Hajime for GREAT JUSTICE.

(Yes) Commander : Kondō Isami
(Yes) General Commander: Sannan Keisuke
(Yes) Vice Commander: Hijikata Toshizō
(Yes) Military Advisor: Itō Kashitarō
Troop Captains :
(Yes) 1. Okita Sōji
(Yes) 2. Nagakura Shinpachi
(Yes) 3. Saitō Hajime
(No) 4. Matsubara Chūji
(No) 5. Takeda Kanryūsai
(Yes) 6. Inoue Genzaburō
(No) 7. Tani Sanjūrō
(Yes) 8. Tōdō Heisuke
(No) 9. Suzuki Mikisaburō
(Yes) 10. Harada Sanosuke
(Yes) Shimada Kai
(Yes) Yamazaki Susumu

14/18, not bad. Peacemaker had a few more than them, but since it’s based off an otome game, it actually doesn’t disappoint here. One of the few places I can say that about this anime.

I definitively have no clue as to why certain troop captains are are left out and others aren’t, as they designed them as the pleased (maybe the names were cooler), but they got most of them.

Ep 1 is basically about the main character getting attacked by random fucks from nowhere, and then undead, evil, spirit monster things kill her pursuers. These Shinsengumi people save her, only to then kidnap her and threaten to kill her again. Yeah, that makes sense.


Just fucking kill it, the hell does it matter?

Anyho, they decide not to kill her, but they say she can’t be let go because SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH (yeah right). It then shifts to making the point more about her FITTING IN, whatever that does towards to plot I have no fucking idea (must come from the game), and you get her back story about how she is searching for her father.

Then episode 2 starts, and you get more of that FITTING IN bullshit, but they have this whole thing where they are hunting down rebellious groups that are going to burn down Kyoto. BUT ON TEH NOES, there are two places they could go, so they split up. Trap girl finds out they went to the wrong place, and so she starts running around in desperation to tell them.


Run bitch, run! You have an arbitrary goal to meet!

In episode 3 we have trap girl running around some more with EPIC MUSIC going on the the BG. The group of Shinsengumi that she is frantically chasing after are just killing people left and right, and we get some delicious blood and violence. FUCK YER. After some fighting, trap girl meets the other party and tells them to help out the other group, and they head on over. They beat the shit out of everyone, but Okita gets his ass handed to him by this badass GAR motherfucker with red eyes (I’m sorry Saitou, you just got beat in sexiness).


I would hit that like the angry fist of God.

The battle, or whatever you want to call it, ends, and trap girl goes out with these two characters I don’t know the names of, and they see some sort of festival. I don’t get the point, but whatever (must be more game shit). The Shinsengumi then start their campaign against the Choushuu with the backing of the Aizu clan (AKA LOL HISTORY TIME), and trap girl decides to go with them. Hurray?


Awww, they’re holding hands~


Heroman 1-3

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment


K, there are 3 main reasons I have any interest in this show.


2. LOLWUT that kid has Spike’s hair, but in afro form. How is this possible…


There are also other reasons, such as the main character being the trap of the century despite being in a fucking children’s show. And yes, this is aimed at a younger audience for once, but the fun of it is it’s IN AMERICA. This also means that there are NON-WHITE PEOPLE. Yes, I know. AMAZING. There are random cops and shots of people who are black, brown, and other colors than white. Such a nice thing, deshou?

I’ve watched lots of anime over the years, but never have I seen a school setting very specifically IN AMERICA. It just doesn’t happen. They sometimes allude to it, or make it IN THE FUTURE, or some other bullshit, but this shows fucking American flags at least 20 times throughout any one of the eps in case your not sure.

Then you get these giant robot alien things that look like fucking cockroaches, a cheerleader with some fine ass legs that has the hots for trap boy, and a crazy scientist. It’s only generic if you watch power ranchers as a child, except the budget for this show is fucking huge. It has effects shooting out it’s ass, and your just like, “THE PLOT, ITS SO SHITTY, BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD. WHY!?”

So in episode 1, Joey, our sad excuse for a main character, works in some sort of Diner, and is total pathetic. Hurray! He then picks up this robot thing that gets destroyed, and when he fixes it, GOD HIMSELF shoots MAGICAL BEAMS OF POWER (aka lightening),  and the small robot turns into a big robot and fucks up this poor boy’s house. Goddamn you Heroman, stop breaking shit, will you? The robot then goes and saves cheerleader girl from the fire, in which they somehow defy all logic and CARRY THE FUCKING PEOPLE THROUGH THE FIRE. If this was actually done, both the girl and the father would have BURNED TO DEATH.

Then in episode 2 the aliens come, we get some nice explosions and effects, and Heroman starts kicking some ass.

Finally in ep 3, the “invasion” starts, and this is where shit starts to get really fucked up. Naisu.

hero quality black

The guys face on the right was so quality I couldn’t help it.

As mentioned before, this show has a p high budget, but there are still quality scenes like these no matter what you do. Note: OMG NON-WHITE PEOPLE.


So now we got motherfucking aliens running around everywhere, and then something horrible happens. Something even I cannot forgive. THEY STEP ON A POOR DEFENSELESS STUFFED RABBIT. Yeah, that’s right. They went there. They are going to fuck up your shit so hard you won’t even know what to do! When stuffed rabbit stepping gets involved, you know shit is going DOWN.

One a side note, I would like to observe that Heroman, the giant robot, looks fucking pissed all the goddamn time. I mean like, FUCKING PISSED. I wonder what makes him to angry? Is it the American flag design he’s got going on? Or maybe he hates having a trap as a master? Only the lightening Gods of this show will know I suppose.



But I digress, after shit goes down Joey is all like I GOTS TO GO HOME, but the guys with the fucking HAIR (Will) won’t let him because he’s so pumped up on steroids his ROID RAGE makes him want to fuck Joey where he stands. And this guys hair is fucking massive. It’s like he has an ax on his head I swear.


The president is some white guy because Heroman can’t follow with the times apparently, which almost caused me the rage because the fucker doesn’t even have a chin. His face just kinda melts into his neck.

Then we get some more alien destruction with army tanks, helicopters, jets, and more of those high budget explosions I love. Joey then gets attacked by more aliens, so he sets the angry-eyed Heroman into SUPER SAIYAN MODO, and kicks the shit out of everyone.


He then gets home only to realize that AMERICA IS DESTROYED, and that his grandmother doesn’t give a fuck because she listens to hard-core metal, so they laugh and are very happy for w/e goddamn reason (I’m actually not making this part up).


American flag count this ep: 4 (not including op/ed)

“It’s calling for yourself~”

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